Caneco BT

Subscription License including technical support and maintenance, Windows OS

Caneco BT is a software for automated calculations, sizing and diagrams of low voltage electrical installations. It produces all the diagrams and documents required for the design, checking and maintenance of the LV electrical installations. Caneco BT is “BIM Ready” with Autodesk® Revit®.

Caneco BT performs all the calculations (Ik, du, If, …) in compliance with the applicable standards and the electrical constraints of your installation.

  • Determination of the most economical equipment to protect the installation and the individuals.
  • Diagnosis based on tripping curves, calculation and manufacturer tables
  • Automated diagrams based on 3 dynamic data entry interfaces: network single-line diagram, board single-line diagram and spreadsheet.
  • The electrical data recovered from Revit®, is used for the automated production of the diagrams and the integration of the circuit data into Caneco BT.
  • Conversion the diagrams and the technical documentation of the project into a dxf file (an AutoCAD® file)

$4,520.00 Ex.GST / year

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